1. Adios Baby Sky Tune
2. If I Didn't Have You In My Life Doreen / Cash On Delivery
3. I Want My Baby Back
4. The Cowboy In That Stetson Hat Jody Lynn Mitchell / Sky Tune
5. Things Aren't Funny Anymore W. Ox / Cash On Delivery
6. Still Dancin' Roxy / B5
7. Play Me The Walts Of The Angels Sky Tune
8. Don't Come Crying Cash On Delivery
9. The Chair B5
10. Safe In The Arms Of Love Audrey Smits / Sky Tune
11. I'll Never Forgive My Heart Cash On Delivery
12. It's A Little Too Late Jany Szabo / Sky Tune
13. Table For Two Angela Visser / B5
14. It Only Hurts Me When I Laugh Cash On Delivery
15. Tonight She's Holding Her Own Jimmy Lawton / B5
16. Does He Love You Doreen / Audrey Smits

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